PR is…

Public relations is as simple as a thank-you note and as complicated as a four-color brochure.

It’s as specific as writing a news release and as general as sensing community attitudes.

It’s as inexpensive as a phone call to an editor or as costly as a full-page advertisement.

It’s as direct as a conversation between two people and as broad as a radio or television program reaching thousands of listeners or millions of viewers.

It’s as visual as a poster and as literal as a speech.

HERE, MY FRIENDS, IS THE BIG QUESTION:  What IS public relations?

It is a term often used – seldom defined!

In its broadest sense, public relations is “good work, publicly recognized.”

Believe me, there are no secret formulas. Public relations is simply – the group itself saying –

  • “This is who we are;
  • What we think about ourselves;
  • What we want to do; and
  • Why we deserve your support.”

© M. Larry Litwin and Ralph Burgio – 1971; 1999