Special Edition – Flyers Discount Tickets

Major Discounts for Flyers games…

The games are as follows:

10/26 at 7 PM vs Buffalo Sabres

11/22 at 7 PM vs Montreal Canadiens

12/20 at 7 PM vs Florida Panthers

1/20 at 7 PM vs Ottawa Senators

2/22 at 7PM vs Phoenix Coyotes

3/8 at 7PM vs Edmonton Oilers

To get the discounted tickets, you just logon to: www.philadelphiaflyers.com/promocode.  Type into the promo code box: 703College2, and it will bring you to the games.  The code will automatically be registered to Rowan’s Brooke Schrider.

Tickets are $25 for upper level (reg price $46), $35 for mezzanine level, and $79 (reg price $96)

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