Magee Rehabilitation Hospital’s Post-Concussion Clinic to be Recognized at Philadelphia Sports Writers Association Dinner

An estimated 1.6 million sports-related concussions occur every year. Athletes of all ages who are not fully recovered before returning to their sport are much more likely to receive another—more devastating—concussion.

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital is determined to stop that from happening.

In November, 2010, Magee’s Brain Injury Service Department, headed up by Tim Young, MD and Todd Lewis , PhD, created a post-concussion clinic to help athletes, parents, coaches and teams determine when it is safe for an athlete to return to their sport, as well as to utilize Magee’s physical, occupational and speech therapy expertise to address any complications that may arise as the result of a concussion.

On January 31, The Philadelphia Sports Writers Association will acknowledge the work being done by Dr. Young and Dr. Lewis at their 107th Annual Awards Dinner, being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill at 5:00pm. Magee will also have an information booth at the dinner to discuss concussions and the post-concussion clinic.

“I’m glad that Magee Rehab is participating in our banquet this year,” said Rich Westcott, president of the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association. “Its new post-concussion clinic is providing a vital medical service to teams and athletes in our area. Concussions are a major issue in sports these days, and it’s extremely important that people get the proper information in terms of learning how to deal with this dangerous injury. I’m pleased that Magee will be present to do that.”

To learn more about Magee’s post-concussion clinic, call 855-587-BRAIN. To learn more about the PSWA Award Dinner, visit