BIG 12 Etiquette Rules from Elon University PRSSA

Always worth sharing are outstanding suggestions from PRSSA chapters (Public Relations Student Society of America). Also found in Chapter 15 of “The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook,” these hints could help recent graduates get jobs and current students get internships.

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1. Always wear your nametag on your right.

2. Allow the Host to point out where the guests should sit.

3. Follow the Host’s lead. Once the Host begins to eat-you eat.

4. Once seated, immediately place the napkin in your lap.

5. Utensils: eat from the outside in – NEVER pick up dropped silverware.

6. Your bread is to the right, water is to the left.

7. Elbows should never rest on the table while eating.

8. Use the silverware to signal you’re finished: the 4:00-10:00 position.

9. Take out food the same way it went in.

10. If you have to pick or clean your teeth – excuse yourself from the table.

11. Never order alcohol – even if the Host does.

12. Whoever invited the guest will be paying unless discussed.

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