Tips to Succeed: Know your etiquette in

[Tip No. 30 from “The ABCs of Strategic Communication by M. Larry Litwin, APR, Fellow PRSA. To comment:]

Dining out with your boss or a client is your chance to make a good impression.

 • Can I drink soda or beer from the bottle?

No. Use a glass.

 • What if I am served something that I don’t know how to eat?

 Watch your host and do what he or she does.You may not be right, but you won’t be wrong. And when you do have a choice of foods, don’t order anything that you don’t know how to eat.

 • Is it OK to kiss colleagues in business social situations?

The handshake is the proper business greeting in most business and business social situations.Yet there can be situations where kissing may be OK, depending upon:

A.Your relationship with the person. If people know each other

well, they may kiss at business social events.

B. The type of company you work for. Large, formal, or conservative companies usually have less kissing than smaller, creative or informal types of companies.

C. The type of business functions you attend. Company picnics may be more relaxed and informal than business dinners at a fancy restaurant.

D. When in doubt, shake hands.

Barbara Pachter – Author -When The Little Things Count . . .And They Always Count [To comment:]