Looking for job? Take advantage of holiday season

Kaitlin Madden of CareerBuilder, has some advice about making the most of holiday parties.  To comment: larry@larrylitwin.com.

She says, “Create connections that lead to future job opportunities.”

First of all, Madden suggests “being friendly with those you meet. They may provide important connections or job leads later on.” Madden lists these five tips:

1. Find a connection

2. Present a professional front.

3. Don’t be late.

4. Be interested, not interesting.

5. Don’t force the work subject.

You can check out Kaitlin Madden — and should — using Google or another search engine. She has excellent tips, including what to wear. Please keep in mind, “You are always communicating,” say Jack Horner and Mike Gross (Rowan ’03) of Jack Horner Communications.

Paul DeNucci, author, The International Networker says, “Remember that events are never about you. The way to win friends and great contacts is to make others comfortable in your presence. Be interested, not interesting.”

Advice from Larry Litwin, “Keep your business card handy. Be ready for an exchange as you complete your elevator speech.”

Remember: YOU are a brand. Package tourself properly.

Madden offers this “What to wear” advice.

In general, when picking out an outfit, Lupo offers the following guidelines:

  • Look polished, not overdone.
  • Remember that you are sending out a message about yourself professionally in the way you dress, and you want to be sure that your message is consistent. Tomorrow morning, you will wake-up and go to work with these people — conduct yourself accordingly.
  • Always be tasteful, not overtly sexy. If you’re on the fence between something sexy and something more conservative, go conservative.
  • Remember Visual Therapy’s rules. Ask yourself: Do I love it? Is it flattering? Is this the image I want to portray? Is this comfortable?  (This includes shoes, ladies!)

To comment: larry@larrylitwin.com.