Major League Baseball’s ‘new’ media dress code

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As the Courier-Post’s Celeste Whittaker notes in a recent column. Major League Baseball “swings and misses” with its dress code. Not that Whittaker doesn’t agree with it, she just doesn’t believe it needs to be codified.

MLB’s dress code apparently evolved last year when the New York Jets had the controversy with the sideline reporter Inez Sainz of Mexico’s TV Aztec. She was alledgedy, according to Whittaker, “wearing tight-fitting clothes and low-cut shirts and claims she was essentially harassed by players and coaches.” “But,” says Whittaker, “Sainz’s wardrobe is not typical for a media member.”

Here is MLB’s list of what media members may NOT wear:

  • see-through clothing
  • ripped jeans (distressed jeans)
  • one-shouldered or strapless
  • bare midriffs
  • “excessively short” skirts, dresses or shorts
  • visible undergarments
  • tank tops
  • flip flops
  • anything with a team logo
The bottom line:  As I often communicate to Rowan University and other students — male and female — dress appropriately. And, when interviewing for an internship or job, dress for the position you are a applying for. You get only one chance to make that first good impress impression.

I’m curious, what is your reaction to this “new” media dress code?

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