Cracked Egg Persuasion Model — Perfect for Rowan-Rutgers strategic plan

To comment: See The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook or The ABCs of Strategic Communication for illustration.

Cracked Egg (Persuasion) Model – Also known as Public Opinion Formation Model.

Rowan students should be thinking THIS model as well as the MAC Triad Plus and Two-Way model as they approach the pros and cons of the Rowan-Rutgers merger. All information is available in the above books.

Cracked Egg Illustration

It is an eight-step process whose purpose is to shape
or change public opinion:
1. Mass Sentiment - morals/values;
2. Incident/Issue - interrupts morals;
3. Publics Pro/Con;
4. Debate -PR people and advertisers come in and try to change peoples’ attitudes
to agree with theirs;
5. Time (opinions marinate) - very important or
you do not have a true public opinion;
6. Public Opinion - the accumulated
opinion of many individuals on an important topic in public
debate affecting the lives of people (need all these elements or you do
not have public opinion);
7. Social Action - new law, or action, is taken
against people. Society could be so traumatized that it goes overboard;
8. Mass Sentiment - Society gets a certain attitude/moral/values due to
the social action. Society becomes very sensitized.
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