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Teaching a new dog old tricks. Can you do it?

Below is the link to colleague Ed Ziegler’s “Can You Teach a New Dog Old Tricks? ” It’s well worth a read. While at, check out other tips and techniques under Student Resources. [To comment:] [ sildenafil citrate soft tabs | how to get cialis in canada | cialis profesional | cialis women […]

10 jobs with above average salaries

To comment: Look below for public relations. For more, go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (my former employer) and/or Also, check out Debra Auerback at Here is a list of jobs that pay for than the mean average of $46,200. Each occupation listed is projected to grow by 29 percent or more […]

Action Verbs

[To comment:] From time to time, professionals and students ask for a list of strategic action verbs. This link takes you to a “play” contained in The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook  available on along with many other tips and techniques under Student Resources. Enjoy! [To comment:] .   [ viagra online […]

Resumes — Among the best

[To comment:] Below is a link to my Resume Examples package — available to my students. many other wonderful tips and techniques are available on and in The ABCs of Strategic Communication available on the website. [To comment:]   [ generic viagra india | mapuche viagra | viagra recipes | viagra […]

Litwin’s acceptance speech for the Gary Hunter – Rowan University Excellence in Mentoring Award

To comment: This has been quite a week for me and I have my former and current students to thank for everything, plus colleague Esther Mummert. I am so humbled. Within the span of a few days, I was named recipient of Rowan University’s “Gary Hunter Excellence in Mentoring Award” for “demonstrating exceptional abilities in […]