Colleen Kebles receives ‘Litwin Family — Rowan University Gold Medallion’

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On May 6, I was honored to present Rowan University Senior Colleen Kebles with the “Litwin Family Gold Medallion for Outstanding Strategic Writing.”  Here is my introduction:

Before making the presentation, I would like to recognize a previous medallion recipient and past PRSSA president, Rosie Braude. In fact, Rosie is our ONLY

two-time medallion winner…one as an undergraduate and one as a graduate student. Rosie chaired National Conference in 2007 and was Outstanding Chapter president in 2008 – truly my right arm in every way.

Nancy, my sisters Janice and Eileen…and I are thrilled to present this year’s Litwin Family Medallion for “Outstanding Strategic Writing” to a student who not only meets all of the criteria but far exceeds them…

Grade Point Average = 3.9

  • She has extensive Community, College and

University service and…

  • “Outstanding, persuasive, strategic and

objective-oriented writing that drives audiences to the desired “Call to Action.”

In a nut graph, this medallion recognizes THEeee “Outstanding Strategic Writer” among all seniors.

It’s worth noting…I did not judge. Those who did…pointed out that while all those considered had excellent credentials, our recipient…to quote the judges…blew everyone else away.

Our recipient…among her other contributions…has been serving as the Disney internship campus rep for the past two years. I have been honored to work with her. So, this is truly a magical moment in her life.

Please join me in congratulating the 2012… Litwin Family Medallion Recipient…Colleen Kebles.

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