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Combining advertising and public relations courses? — Your Thoughts — asks PRSA

[To comment:] Larry Litwin’s response below: Combining advertising and public relations courses Where I teach there is some interest (driven by the department chair and interim dean, who are advertising people) in combining the principles of advertising and principles of public relations classes into one class. This is due to a belief by the […]

What’s an educator to do as Public Relations and Advertising morph into Strategic Communication

This is PRSA’s Discussion Forum begun on June 6, 2012. Below are many of the responses. It’s well worth a read. I view it as the future of our professions — public relations, advertising, marketing, IMC and the related fields.  [To comment:] Combining advertising and public relations courses Posted June 6, 2012 at 6:23 p.m.  Where I teach […]

Student gave back to others – Stories worth telling – Rowan’s Colette Bleistine

[To comment:] June 10, 2012 Written by CHRISTINA MITCHELL Courier-Post Staff Colette Bleistine Following is an excerpt from Christina Mitchell’s online feature, Lives Well Lived. After Colette Bleistine died May 21 — spent from a lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis — several people told me I simply had to write about her. In her […]

Seen a bear in your neck of the woods?

[To comment:] Bears have been spotted in Burlington (Medford) and Camden (Waterford) Counties in New Jersey. What’s a person to do. Here is a “green info box from the Courier-Post and the N.J Department of Environmental Protection. DEP BEAR RECOMMENDATIONS • If you encounter a bear, try to remain calm. Never run from it. Instead, try to […]