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Advice from a legendary writer

[To comment:] Retired Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bill Lyon wrote — in the July 29 edition — “Penn St. story a cautionary tale for us all” about his association with Penn State and Joe Patero. The entire column is worth the read However, for my Basic Public Relations writing students, here is one paragraph of SOUND advice.  It goes […]

Tips for healthy travelling from Aetna [newsletter]

Tips for healthy travelling from Aetna [newsletter] [To comment:] You have your flight booked and passport in hand. Now here are some tips for healthy travel: Get your shots. Vaccines may be a good idea. But think ahead. Some should be given a month or so before you leave. Ask your doctor. And check your health […]

AP and Courier-Post Penn State stories offer excellent ‘crisis communication advice’ — PLUS a late add

[To comment:] Tell it first, tell it fast, tell it all, tell it yourself. Penn State’s latent responses and passive approach to its horrendous scandal should be a lesson to every organization — no matter how small or large the crisis. Here is advice from an Associated Press story that hit the wire on July 14, […]

It’s a heatwave. Be careful out there.

[To comment:] Be strategic in following this advice compliments of Ray Daiutolo Sr., president of the camden County chapter of the New Jersey Baseball Umpires Association. The Mayo Clinic provides the following safety tips to help keep the body cool while in the summer sun.  I realize that working a game may prevent us from […]

Nora Ephron – Lessons for us all

[To comment:] Multi-talented Nora Ephron passed away last week. Many aspects of her life are worth noting because she was – among other things – a great writer. Here are a few highlights taken from her obits and from The Philadelphia Inquirer column written by Karen Heller and carried on July 1. Ephron was […]