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Strategic idea for incoming college freshmen!

[To comment:] From the wish I had thought of it department: As reported in The (Philadelphia) Inquirer, “they are becoming a staple of weekends between June and September – taking their place alongside bathing suits, vacations and flip-flops. “Trunk parties are hot.” Kristin Holmes reports, “The soirees, named for a piece of luggage once synonymous with packing […]

Penn State and Middle States Commission

[To comment:] As many know, I’ve been saying for weeks that the real “death penalty” for Penn State would be adverse action from its accrediting agency Middle States Commission on Higher Education. I am not advocating an accreditation loss or even probation. However, as a former reporter, I believe too many in the media are missing that story. […]

An advertising (strategic communication) question???

[To comment:] Why Is It? (a/k/a The Advertising Poem) A man wakes up after sleeping under an advertised blanket, on an advertised mattress, pulls off advertised pajamas, bathes in an advertised shower, shaves with an advertised razor, brushes his teeth with advertised toothpaste, washes with advertised soap, puts on advertised clothes, drinks a cup […]

‘Voge’ always demanded your best effort –Sound advice

[To comment:] Because of copyright laws, I’m probably not supposed to reprint this Courier-Post piece.  But here goes. It contains so much good advice left behind by dear friend and mentor John Vogeding. Kevin Callhan expresses it better than most. Please take heed.   By Kevin Callahan Courier-Post July 31, 2012 From the corner of the […]