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He has some questions he’d ask if he were on the debate panel

[To comment:] Gannett’s Bob Ingle is senior political columnist for New Jersey Press Media. [Email him at] [Find him on Twitter at @bobingle99.] If he were asking questions on Wednesday evening (Oct. 3, 2012),  here’s what he would ask Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney: • If you believe in America, why don’t you keep […]

Take on an internship

[To comment:] From the pages of “The Philadelphia Inquirer” comes this tip from “The Inky Tip Jar”: Internships are excellent opportunities for students, recent graduates and jobseekers looking to test their skills in the real world, gain first-hand experience and insight into a company or career, and netowk with professionals in their field. Internships […]

The all important “Thank You Note” — After the job/internship interview, a sincere note helps you shine.

[To] also, check out: and its job blog, CareerBuilder recently ran a column on Thank You notes. It appeared in the August 19, 2012 Courier-Post. This blog carries many of Susan Ricker’s suggestions, plus those in “The Public Relations Practitioner’s Book” (from Chapter 15.) Both are must reads. Susan Ricker’s article begins:  When a job […]

14 Ways to Get Ahead in Your Internship — From Kim Ciesla

[To] Was surfing the Web this a.m. and ran into this incredible advice from Rowan University public relations graduate and Gold Medallion recipient Kim Ciesla, now with Anne Klein Communications Group. Heed Kimmie’s advice. It will serve you well. Let’s call this a “long” retweet. (Originally written Tuesday, October 13, 2009) Before you get […]

Litwin’s teaching philosophy

[To comment:] This is also posted on It is reprinted from the National School Public Relations Association — August 2012. Trend Tracker ‘Teaching Naked’ By M. Larry Litwin, APR, associate professor of public relations/advertising, Rowan University, Glassboro, N.J. “Teaching naked” — it’s not a liberal approach to dress code requirements (or lack thereof), […]