He has some questions he’d ask if he were on the debate panel

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Gannett’s Bob Ingle is senior political columnist for New Jersey Press Media. [Email him at bingle@njpressmedia.com.] [Find him on Twitter at @bobingle99.]

If he were asking questions on Wednesday evening (Oct. 3, 2012),  here’s what he would ask Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

• If you believe in America, why don’t you keep your money in American banks?

• Specifically, what steps would you take to right the economy and get people back to work?

• Is how you governed Massachusetts an indication of how you would run the country?

And for President Obama:

• It is said that your lack of making personal contacts among world leaders and leaders of Congress has contributed to your political problems, would that change in a second administration?

• For four years the deficit each year has been above $1 trillion but the economy remains weak. Do you plan to continue borrowing or take another path?

• How would you react to an “Arab Spring” revolution in Saudi Arabia?

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