From “The Philadelphia Inquirer” — Voters sum up the issues in just six simple words

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The following appeared on the “Opinion” page of the Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012  “The Philadelphia Inquirer.” It is worth repeating.

A sample of the six-word stump speeches, part of an exhibit sponsored by Smith Magazine and the National Constitution Center (in Philadelphia).

1. It’s all about the Supreme Court.

2. Change begins in our local communities.

3. Education is key to our future.

4. Believing isn’t the problem. Take action.

5. Preserve benefits for our wounded warriors.

6. Fight for jobs and middle class.

7. Stop making it difficult to vote.

8. Paging Dr.Drew, government needs rehab.

9. Take care of our senior citizens.

10. Regulate the Second Amendment for everyone.

11. Youth need to be more aware.

12. Equality. Equal pay for equal work.

13. Constitutional voting rights are under attack.

14. We the people need more jobs.

15. Great leaders come from great moms.

16. To the world, America is hope.

17. The world is changing. Respect everybody.

18. Let’s try competence for a change.

19. Stop blaming others. Let’s solve problems.

20. Respect the religious beliefs of others.

21. Every child deserves a quality education.

22. Abortion takes away a constitutional right.

23. Americans are equal, homosexual or straight.

24. We did build that, Mr. President.

25. Get out and see your country.

26. A new president equals new jobs.

27. American “Idle” – cast a real vote.

28. Let’s bring our old values back.

29. Can’t we all just get along?

30. Let’s take care of our homeless.

31. Freedom comes with a great responsibility.

32. Change the economy. Equal rights now.

33. Let’s get rid of the litter.

34. Politicians should go far, far away.

35. Everyday Americans can be heroes, too.

36. America needs a broader world perspective.

37. Just chill, America. We got this.

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