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Job interviews — so much information

[To comment:] The purpose of this week’s blog was to help prepare would-be interns and job applicants for that all important interview. Research revealed dozens of tips  — much already on under Student Resources > Handouts (see Number 29 and 30). Take advantage, but also link to: It will keep you busy for hours. [To comment: […]

It’s Mummers’ Time

[To comment:] While many of us are prepping to celebrate Christmas, others are already looking ahead to Philadelphia’s 113-year-old tradition — the Mummers parade. as a KYW Newsradio reporter, I covered more of these New Year’s Day extravaganzas than I wish to remember. Most of those Jan. 1 days were bitterly cold and many times I dragged […]

Horrific Act — Sandy Hook Elementary — Newtown, Connecticut

[To comment:] This week’s blog is supposed to predict Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” and why. However, the terrible shooting attacks on Sandy Hook Elementary School students in Newtown, Conn. trumps anything that could be written here today. Suffice it say I predict Time will choose President Obama. To find out why he is Time’s choice and mine, read next week’s magazine. As […]

A Public Affairs chief’s views of her profession — Public Relations in the Air Force

Earlier this fall, my Introduction to Public Relations students interviewed strategic communication professionals. Casey Kelly has given permission to reprint his — including actual notes before they were turned into a narrative  This young professional shared her public affairs duties with Casey. Now, he and I share Lieutenant, Alexis D. McGee sage advice with you: [To comment: […]

18-point clothing checklist for every speaker

Will your jewelry make noise? Will the pattern on your shirt be distracting? Consider these points and more before your next speech or presentation. This is reprinted from Ragan’s daily Headlines. The entire link is terrific. [To comment;] By Denise Graveline | Posted: December 4, 2012 [Related: Women: 5 ways to present yourself professionally.] 1. Are my clothes clean, […]