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Keys to unlocking that first job

[To comment:] Debra Auerbach is writer and blogger for and its job blog, “” Below is a summary of her advice from “College graduates who understand the job market have the best show at success.” She says recent studies find 53 percent of United States employers plan to hire recent college graduates this […]

Three rules of (Damage Control) Crisis Communication

[To comment:] Check out the many strategic communication tips in The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook for (all) Strategic Communicators. Visit 1. Get information out early. • Respond within 2-4 hours (quicker, if possible) – if only as an acknowledgment that you are on top of the situation. 2. Get it out yourself. • The […]

Strategic Communicators can take a page from a championship coach’s book on communication and leadership

[To comment:] So how does the coach of a national champion college basketball team turned president and coach of one of the most storied pro basketball franchises in history define a leader? In quite simple terms, it seems. Rick Pitino is the only coach in NCAA history to win national championships with two colleges […]