Keys to unlocking that first job

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Debra Auerbach is writer and blogger for and its job blog, “” Below is a summary of her advice from “College graduates who understand the job market have the best show at success.”

She says recent studies find 53 percent of United States employers plan to hire recent college graduates this year — up significantly from 2011 and 2010 and even up slighly from last year.

Here are the headings on Debra’s important tools and tips to help. See her blogs for more information. (By the way, next week’s LL’s blog will be an article written for Rowan University’s Public Relations Student Society of America’s award-winning newsletter PRomo on “Landing that first job or internship.”

  • Understand the Job Market
  • Be Open to Different Roles
  • Research salary Information
  • Make Non-work Experience Count
  • Show Enthusiasm and Professionalism

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