Can Smartphones be bad for your joints?

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Smartphones are an essential part of the new world that we live in. They help boost productivity and enable us to stay connected. On the flip side, excessive use of smartphones can cause a variety of problems. Neck pain, back pain, and tenderness in the joints of the hands can at times, be attributed to excessive use of smartphones. In fact, ‘text neck‘ is a phrase that’s used to describe headaches, shoulder pain and arm pain due to excessive text messaging.

Individuals who spend hours slouched on the couch using their phones for texting, emailing, or even gaming tend to experience the most discomfort. This can also lead to constant pain in the thumbs and wrists due to inflammation of the tendons. This is a condition called De Quervains disease. Physical therapy offers a number of treatment options for patients with this type of joint pain and inflammation.

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