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Timing could not be better

[To comment:] The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook: A Synergized Approach to Effective Two-Way Communication by Larry Litwin A veteran reporter, editor, public relations counselor and strategic advisor, Litwin gives readers the anatomy of the public relations profession. The book is overflowing with how-to and hands-on techniques, tips, tactics, tools and strategies. From writing […]

Top 11 things YOU need to know to work SUCCESSFULLY with the boss

[To comment:] Not sure where I got this but it is important to your career: 1. Prepare work products in final form. It should be your best, most complete effort. 2. Look at situations from a perspective other than the one the boss has — this leads to interesting, productive discussions that ultimately benefit […]

Branding via artist Brendan O’Connell

[To comment:] Meet Brendan O’Connell, Walmart artist — or at least the mega retailer is his muse. O’Connell has taken to painting the things you can find the big-box store and the people who roam its aisles. The below link takes you to Well worth listening to to learn more about branding’s importance. […]

Playing to Win — Measuring Ambition in Today’s Youth by Dr. Hilary Levey Friedman

[To comment:] I am so happy Dr. Friedman and I met as judges for the Miss New Jersey Pageant. I have become one her fans. Check out this “piece” in Psychology Today: It is fabulous.   Measuring Ambition in Today’s Youth The importance of demonstrating, and proving one’s ambition for youth today Published on July […]