Top 11 things YOU need to know to work SUCCESSFULLY with the boss

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Not sure where I got this but it is important to your career:

1. Prepare work products in final form. It should be your best, most complete effort.

2. Look at situations from a perspective other than the one the boss has — this leads to interesting, productive discussions that ultimately benefit the client with new ideas and approaches.

3. Think, write and speak in numbers, bullets and series.

4. Bring your stories, experiences and personal history to work — often they reflect an approach or strategy you are trying to explain to a client.

5. Recognize, acknowledge and learn from the mistakes, missteps, gaffes and goofs you make — then move on.

6. Be solution driven.

7. Be prepared to explain — succinctly and convincingly — your suggestions, proposals and recommendations. Speak like someone you’d like to listen to.

8. Remain one step ahead and 15 minutes early.

9. Anticipate issues, problems, concerns and opportunities: prepare the boss before he/she or the client asks – have a plan.

10. Recognize that not every event is a crisis. Respond as if every event were a crisis.

11. Speaking for the sake of speaking is unmemorable – say important things.

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