Weaning yourself off plastic

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This appeared some time ago in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Rodale’s editors blogged, and got many outside comments and tips, at www.rodale.com/plastic-free.

Their muse was Beth Terry, a Californian who since 2007 has been lessening her plastic use. She blogs and offers numerous insights at www.myplasticfreelife.com (an excellent website).

Emily’s main advice is to start by amassing all the plaastic you use in a week. Analyze it. there is probably a lot of packaging you could eliminate. More specific types from the group:

  • Carry your own cutlery. Skip single-use items.
  • Use metal or glass food storage containers.
  • Wrap lunch sandwiches in waxed paper.
  • Try laundry detergent powders that come in a box.
  • Carry reusable shopping bags.
  • Carry a reusable bottle, or buy drinks in glass or aluminum.

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