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From the PR News Blog — 9 Tips for Public Speakers Who Hate Public Speaking

[To comment:] The following was carried “The PR News — the Skinny on PR: Butterflies in your stomach. Dry mouth. Fantasy of escaping through the back door. It’s inevitable: at some point in your career, you’ll need to speak in front of an audience. Whether at a small meeting, a conference, a general session, […]

Flu — Take Precautions

[To comment:] Wilmington Universoty sent this to its students, staff and other supporters. Please take heed: In recent weeks, Delaware and much of the area has experienced an outbreak of influenza. Following the guidance of public health officials, we ask that everyone take the actions below in order to help prevent the spread of […]

Larry Litwin inducted into Parsons College Wall of Honor

[To comment:] (See Nancy’s remarks on last week’s blog) (Hand Nancy her dink)      Hello, Sports Fans! That greeting started at KMCD radio almost 50 years ago…and I’ve been using it ever since. To all who made this day and weekend possible. To all previous honorees … and to my follow honorees… and […]

Nancy Litwin’s intro — Parsons College Wall of Honor

[To comment:] I remember it well – my first day of classes at Parsons College. It was on Monday, June 14th, 1965. I was 18 and freshly graduated from high school, although I had to miss the ceremony to get here for the summer trimester. My early gym class preceded Drama Appreciation with Sydney […]