Nancy Litwin’s intro — Parsons College Wall of Honor

Nancy Litwin delivering Parsons College Wall of Honor introduction.
Nancy Litwin delivering Parsons College Wall of Honor introduction.

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I remember it well – my first day of classes at Parsons College. It was on Monday, June 14th, 1965. I was 18 and freshly graduated from high school, although I had to miss the ceremony to get here for the summer trimester.

My early gym class preceded Drama Appreciation with Sydney Spade. With gym clothes tucked under my arm, I entered the lecture hall and found my seat. At that moment, one of my sneakers dropped on the foot of the person sitting next to me. Yes, it was Larry’s foot. We started a brief conversation, went for coffee after class and from that moment on Larry and I started dating…and still do.

Once I found my way around the campus, it was apparent, Parsons was such a nurturing place. Most important was the accessibility, empathy and sensitivity of the instructors.

Because of Larry’s radio career, we moved a lot, so my schooling did not end here…and…unfortunately, I didn’t find those qualities at the other three colleges I attended. I regret…to this daynot having Parsons on my diploma.

It is great many of you who made Parsons what it was are here, today.  Thank you for getting us here, today.

And now my husband of 46 years: Larry

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