Tips to Succeed: Ease those public speaking jitters

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From Litwin’s The ABCs of Strategic Communication Tip No. 224. Be sure to visit larry litwin dot com for more on The ABCs and Litwin’s newest The Public relations Practitioner’s Playbook for (all) Strategic Communicators.

Public speaking is many people’s number one fear.These tips should help:

• Determine whom your audience is and what you want to say to them.

• Research your topic and find out what people want to know about it.

• Outline what you want to say.

• Practice your presentation – in the room where you will be giving the speech,if possible.Tape the rehearsal and play it back.

• Shortly before your presentation,make sure the equipment and props are ready.

• Take a short,brisk walk before your presentation. Breathedeeply and slowly. Drink water.

• Have confidence you will do well.

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