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15 of the most avoidable language errors

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] This is reprinted from Ragan’s PR Daily. It is written by Kevin Allen Chances are, if you made it through college and are now employed as a professional communicator of some sort, grammatical errors drive you insane. Especially these: • Your vs. You’re • Its vs. It’s […]

More on Crisis Communication

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] Three Rules of (Damage Control) Crisis Communication 1.Get information out early. • Respond within 2-4 hours (quicker, if possible) – if only as an acknowledgment that you are on top of the situation. 2.Get it out yourself. • The spokesperson should be a high profile representative of […]

30 Reasons You Know You Work In PR — Don’t talk to me until I’m on my third cup of coffee. Via 99 Problems But A Pitch Aint One

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] Get ready to laugh. Here is a nice clean link. Be sure to highlight link, copy and paste or click on headline to get to blog post. It is well worth it. [To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] [ cheapest cialis overnight delivery | […]

Top jobs for college and high school grads

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] before getting into high-paying jobs for high school grads, let’s look at college communication major. The 7 Top-Paying Jobs for College Graduates in 2014 and Beyond These degrees help students get the biggest financial bang for their education buck By Mary Patrick (U.S. News and World Report) […]

The Communication Audit — Tips to Succeed

[ From M. Larry Litwin’s The ABCs of Strategic Communication — see www larrylitwin dot com] [To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] 1.What is a communication audit? It is a complete analysis of an organization’s communication program – a picture of its goal, objectives, strategies, tactics and evaluations. 2.What is the scope of an […]