3-Minute Drill

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Strategic communication guru Jim Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, CCEP – www.e911.com (created in 1998) is the “father of the Three Minute Drill.” I live by it. Details may be found in The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook for (all) Strategic Communicators (Play 6-10).

The Three-minute Drill is an abbreviated version of the counseling paper. It was conceived by public relations strategic adviser James Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, CCEP. In essence, it is a simpler written approach that carries out the counseling “tactic.” In Jim’s words, “It helps solidify why respected public relations strategic counselors are the number one, Number Two (person in the organization) – the trusted adviser.” Keep in mind that each 150 words equals one minute. Think in terms of: Issues, Questions, Situation:

1. Situation Description Explanation – Introduction (60 words)Briefly describe the nature of the issue, problem or situation that requires decision, action or study. “This is the subject and here is what we know.”

2. Analysis (60 words)A description of what the situation means, what its implications are, and how it threatens or presents an opportunity to the organization. “Here is why it matters.”

3. Goal (60 words)A clear, concise statement of the task to be accomplished(sometimes the reason or purpose for accomplishing it), the target to be reached and when. “Our destination.”

4. Options (150 words)Provide at least three response options to address the situation as presented and analyzed:

     1. Do nothing

     2. Do something

     3. Do something more

5. Recommendation (60 words) Make a specific choice among the options you presented. Be ready with a recommendation and supporting information every time because the boss is going to ask you for one.

6. Justification Unintended consequences (60 words)Briefly describe the reactions or circumstances that could arise resulting from options you suggested, including that of doing nothing. Identify the solution option with the fewest negative intended or unintended consequences.

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