Staying positive: Smile

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This week’s blog comes from The ABCs of Strategic Communication (AuthorHouse – 2008), which contains 7,000 strategic communication definitions plus 282 Tips and Techniques.

We all know we should appreciate who we are and what we have. But sometimes it’s so much easier for many of us to believe the negative things we hear and think about ourselves than it is to
listen to, and believe, the best.

Here are some tips on what you can do to become more aware of the positive things in life right now, feel better and be more productive.

• Send yourself an e-mail or call your voice mail and say something positive about yourself or note one thing you are happy about today.Make this a daily routine.

• Add an area to your things-to-do list where you can list at least one thing each day that makes you smile.

• Once an hour, stop, look around and find something or someone that you can say something positive about.The harder you have to look to find that silver lining, the better.

• Decide today that you will no longer compare yourself to others.

• Create a place where you can keep photos, positive letters, articles and other reminders of good things that you have accomplished
and that are a part of your life.

Thanks to: Lee Silber – Organizational Expert and Author –

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