Workplace productivity killers – but first…

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This week’s blog is a potpourri. Watching last week’s baseball Hall of Fame ceremonies was inspirational. Here are just a couple of quotes. Tony LaRussa of the cardinals said he always preached, “team, tenacity and toughness.”

The Braves’ Tom Glavine thanked his parents for “setting the example” he and his siblings followed and for giving him as much time as he needed – getting him where he had to go so he could learn and play the game.
Joe Torre of the Yankees, Braves and Cardinals stressed to his players “It is not just ability, but also character and unselfishness.” He said he never hesitated to make phone calls on players’ behalf. “When people know your name they return your phone calls,” he said. Like LaRussa, Torre would tell his players it is about “chasing your dreams and putting the team above yourself. It takes patience and persistence.” Torre still tells young players something Hall of Famer, the late Tony Gwynn once told him: “All I ever tried to do was play the game the right way.”

There was so much more, but these highlights stood out.

Transitioning to workplace productivity, CareerBuilder lists these 10 “productivity killers”:

  • Cellphone and texting
  • Gossip
  • Internet surfing
  • Snack breaks or smoke breaks
  • Noisy co-workers
  • Meetings
  • Email
  • Co-workers dropping by
  • Co-workers putting calls on speaker phone

Nearly 75 percent of employers are taking efforts to address productivity killers in the workplace. They include:

  • Blocking certain Internet site
  • Limiting meetings
  • Monitoring emails and Internet usage
  • Restricting use of speaker phones if not is an office with a door
  • Prohibit personal calls and cellphones

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