Tips to Succeed: A user-friendly website

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Here is Tip No. 9 from Larry Litwin’s The ABCs of Strategic CommunicationLike The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook for (all) Strategic CommunicatorsThe ABCs is used at two-dozen colleges and universities and has found itself on the desks of hundreds of professionals. It contains 7,000 definitions and nearly 300 proven successful strategic communication tips and techniques.

So many people flock to the Web that if your  website is not user-friendly you may be sending potential clients elsewhere.

Here are some hints to assure your Web site is right for business:

• Can visitors find information easily?

• Is the navigation clear and consistent throughout the site?

• Can visitors easily find your contact information?

• Do the pages load quickly on a standard modem connection?
Many users still have dial-up service.

• Are the most important elements of your site visible without
scrolling up and down or side to side on computer monitors set
to the 600 X 800 resolution size?

• Does the site look good and work with Netscape® and Internet
Explorer® browsers?

• Can the visitor identify what your business does or what products
you sell?

Research is clear, frustrated visitors leave difficult to navigate sites
and may not return.

[To comment: larry at larry Litwin dot com]