Dress up to move up

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A woman who wants to climb the ladder of success might have to do it in tasteful, mid-height pumps. A man intent on getting ahead might invest in a few new ties — and keep them straightened.

In fact, a survey (Office Team, a subsidiary of Robert Half International) reports 93 percent of managers said an employee’s work dress influences his or her odds of winning a promotion; 33

percent said wardrobe plays a “significant” role in moving up.


• Would my manager wear this?

• Could my outfit be a distraction for others?

• Does my attire make me feel self-assured and confident?

• Are my clothes clean, pressed and in good condition?

• Is my outfit comfortable and well-fitting?

It’s not about wearing expensive clothes, it’s about being appropriate. It is suggested professionals maintain business attire, suits with trousers or skirts for women and suits and ties for men.

Our business casual should be sweater sets and dress slacks. It’s important for workers starting out at a company to know the corporate culture regarding dress.

In building a career wardrobe, stock your closet with the basics:

• A navy blazer is a good staple for a man or a woman

• A black suit is versatile because you can throw on different shirts to change the look.

• Keep clothes clean and pressed, with hair neatly groomed.

• Women to use a light hand in applying makeup and to avoid flashy jewelry.

Another suggestion: before you go for that promotion, visualize yourself in the job.

Ask yourself,“would my manager wear this?” If there are two candidates with equal skill sets, the person who presents himself more

professionally has the edge.

Source: www.courierpostonline.com

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