Organize better for networking

This “Tip” and dozens of others come from Larry Litwin’s The ABCs of Strategic Communication (available on www dot larry litwin dot com). [To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com.]

Organize your contacts to make the most of your efforts. Author Andrea Nierenberg, a nonstop networker, divides her list into three different categories: A, B and C, and follows up accordingly.

Here’s how you can make it work for you:

The “C” list consists of “touch base”people – acquaintances whom you want in your network. However, you’re not involved with them on a business or personal level. Keep in touch by sending:

  • A quarterly newsletter with a short personal note.
  • A card or note once or twice a year.
  • A holiday card in December.

The “B” list consists of “associates” – people you’re actively involved with, either professionally or personally and you would keep in touch by:

  • Meeting them for a meal, tea, or coffee at least two times a year.
  • Sending at least six personal notes in a year.
  • Giving them holiday and premium gifts.

The “A” list is for “close friends and associates” – people you keep in touch with often.

If you effectively follow up with everyone on your list, from your closest friends to the person you see only on rare occasions, your network will continue to thrive.

Source: Andrea Nierenberg – Author – Nonstop Networking (Capital Books)

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com.]