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From Dale Carnegie — 7 Great Tips for Remembering Names

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] For more information contact: Anita Zinsmeister <> 7 Great Tips For Remembering Names Word count for this issue: 655 Approximate time to read: About 2.6 minutes @ 250 words per minute We’ve all had this embarrassing experience: You are at a work function and see someone you clearly know, […]

Rhonda Abrams — 10 Small Biz Resolutions You Can Keep

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] Rhonda Abrams always has excellent advice for strategic communicators. These resolutions first appeared in USA Today on Jan. 2, 2015. What do you want to achieve in 2015 for your small business? The beginning of January is the time for New Year’s resolutions, so here are my top […]

New year, new goals: 10 questions to ask while setting your 2015 goals

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] Thanks to Eastern Michigan University’s Public Relations Student Society of America we have another great blog topic.  Here goes: New year means new goals. New year resolutions are great if you are able to execute them by the end of the year. Having goals is a great […]

Pitching the Media

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com.] The December issue of PRSA’s Tactics         carried a column by Anne Isenhower. Her topic “pitching.” You can read the entire piece on Page 16. Here is her conclusion: Here are Isenhower’s five tips for pitching: Be familiar with what journalists write and what they’ve covered recently. […]