Summer Public Relations tips from EMU

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I am thrilled to share these tips from Eastern Michigan University’s PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) Chapter.

Summer PR Tips


By: Scott Mullin



Summer is in full swing and many of us want to spend time avoiding any aspect of college. This is definitely understandable, especially for those who are young and just want to have fun one last year before you kick your career into overdrive. Here are 10 ways to witness and experience aspects of PR by just enjoying your summer.

1. Go to a baseball game

Baseball games are a great way to learn about promotions. The Detroit Tigers give away many items, like hats sponsored by different companies like Budweiser that want to get their name out there. Also after the end of every inning there’s usually some form of entertainment, such as dance-offs or trivia contests sponsored by local or national companies. Catch some innings and watch promotional work in play.

2. Enjoy Instagram

Many restaurants will share pictures of new summer menu items that look so good you will want to come in.

3. Follow your favorite food truck

Summer makes us a lot more mobile. If you are on foot or on a bike in Detroit, follow your favorite food truck via Twitter and get updates on their daily mystery location to find out where they will be. Good food may be only a Tweet away.

4. Host a Fourth of July party

What a great way to practice your event planning skills!

5. Read/Watch the news

You’ll see many PR related stories. It is also your civic duty to be aware of the world around you.

6. Ride some rides

Going to a carnival or amusement park is fun, but nothing is more fun than getting some pre-ride selfies that your Facebook friends will be envious of. Plus, those precious pics will last a lifetime. Awww.

7. Three letters: WWE

WWE SummerSlam is the summer version of WrestleMania. Watch supreme use of social networking as Superstars tweet junk about their opponents for the event, but at the same time interact with their fans.

8. Follow social media……literally

Yik Yak is touring America. Follow the Yik Yak app and check their tweets, Instagram, and of course Yik Yak to see if they are visiting a town or event near you. They will reward you with swag and photo ops.

9. Snapchat

Experience the world on your phone via pictures and quick videos.

10. Plan a road trip with a complete itinerary of things to do and when

If you can plan a major trip, you can plan an upcoming school week with no problem in the fall.

Ladies and gentlemen, my final thought is this: if you want to have a good summer, do so. Life is too short not to. Hit up an Indians game and cheer on the Tribe, have a Roman candle fight or a bottle rocket war, play some of that Marco Polo, take a spin on a Gravitron or Scrambler, and if you are legal, enjoy some summer beers. It’s summer, don’t take life too seriously. After all, for many graduating next year or so, it may be your last summer vacation until you retire.

Scott Mullin is the Vice President of Communications for EMU PRSSA.

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