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How to unplug on vacation

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] The first step is to recognize there is a problem. Here are some steps to take to get into the mindset as carried in the Courier-Post on July 23, 2015. It is by-lined by Shannon Eblen TIPS TO UNPLUG Plan ahead: Schedule out-of-office emails and assign a […]

7 Powerful Employee Training Tips – from Dale Carnegie

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] Dale Carneigie’s Anita Zinsmesiter has come through again. First this from Dale’s people: Word count for this issue: 571 Approximate time to read: About 2.2 minutes @ 250 words per minute  The better trained your employees are the stronger of an asset they will become.  And the more […]

Tips for trimming your resume’

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] From CareerBuilders’ Debra Auerbach come these tips: Remove outdated professional experience Condense the professional experience that’s left Summarize or remove details under Education or Activities sections Debra Auerbach is a writer for the Advice & Resources section of She researches and writes about job search strategy, career […]

The Power of Communities in Building Your Brand

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] From PR News and Richard Brownell on June 10, 2015, comes this important strategic communication advice: As a professional communicator, your job is to craft your brand’s message and share it with the world, or at least that part of the world that is relevant to you. Depending on the […]