Techniques to Succeed: Be interview ready

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This is Tip No. 3 in Larry Litwin’s “More ABCs of Strategic Communication: available on www dot larrylitwin dot com.

According to Dawn Anthony:

Looking for a new job can be stressful, but once you get an interview, landing the job could come down to a few minor details.

• Lack of preparation – this runs the gamut from not knowing anything about the organization or the job you’re interviewing for, to arriving late and not dressing appropriately for the interview. Research the firm on the Web, learn all you can about what it does.Also, get directions ahead of time and arrive at least 15 minutes early.

• Being unprepared for difficult questions – you need to prepare for any type of question, from “Tell me what you know about our firm” to “Describe your most difficult work scenario and how you handled it.”

Think about potential questions and prepare yourself to have a response.

• Not having questions prepared for the interviewer – a good interview should be a conversation between the interviewer and the applicant. A few questions you can ask include: Why is this position open? Where are you in your hiring process? Tell me about your experience here at XYZ company?

Dawn Anthony – Director with OfficeTeam
Division of Robert Half International

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