Tips to Succeed:A user-friendly Web site

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This is Tip No. 9 in Larry Litwin’s “More ABCs of Strategic Communication: available on www dot larrylitwin dot com.

So many people flock to the Web that if your Web site is not user-friendly you may be sending potential clients elsewhere.

Here are some hints to assure your Web site is right for business:

• Can visitors find information easily?

• Is the navigation clear and consistent throughout the site?

• Can visitors easily find your contact information?

• Do the pages load quickly on a standard modem connection?Many users still have dial-up service.

• Are the most important elements of your site visible without scrolling up and down or side to side on computer monitors set to the 600 X 800 resolution size?

• Does the site look good and work with Netscape® and Internet Explorer® browsers?

• Can the visitor identify what your business does or what products you sell? Research is clear, frustrated visitors leave difficult to navigate sites and may not return.

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com]