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Fireworks laws by state — Stay safe this 4th

[To comment:] Enjoy this Independence Day. Check out the laws and do not do anything foolish.  [To comment:]   [ viagra price germany | buying viagra | viagra joke | when will viagra be generic | cheapest viagra world | alternate to viagra | long term effects of viagra | cheap viagra […]

‘Money (Mag)’ — Will it get positive action? What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2016

[To comment:] offers this advice when crafting your resume: “Drop these skills from your resume.” These tips plus No. 64 on>Student Resources>Handouts will help you get eyeballs on your Resume. I suggest you visit both my website and this one one (making certain you download the example). Be certain to craft a strategic […]

Good luck college grads

[To comment:] According to USA Today’s Jae Yang and Janet Loehrke, 68 percent of college graduates this year (2016) are graduating with student-loan debt.  Source: Accenture Strategy survey of 2,018 college graduates from 2014, 2015 and 2016. [To comment:] [ viagra viagra nude | purchasing viagra in canada | buy kazazz shopping viagra | viagra […]

Strategies: Bookstores show small biz how it’s done

[To comment:] (From Rhonda Abrams — Special for USA Today) Independent bookstores are a dying breed, right? Amazon and ebooks killed them, correct? And aren’t all independent small businesses similarly doomed? As Mark Twain might have said, “Reports of their death are greatly exaggerated.” Here’s news that’s almost certain to surprise you: Independent bookstores are […]