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Time to start looking…

[To comment:] CareerBuilder’s Mary Lorenz identifies some signs that  suggest you should quit your job. I summary: You are not advancing You dread going into work You’ve lost all ability to care Your boss doesn’t support you Your goals do not align with your employer’s Mary is a writer for the “Advice & Resources” section on […]

3 ways institutions can help students close the skills gap

This was sent to me by Blackboard. It says, “The term ‘nontraditional’ is extinct.” [To comment:]

5 jobs that will make you feel more relaxed

[To comment:] For the details about these stressless jobs, read The (Philadelphia) Inquirer – Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016 – Page C6 – Acupuncturist – $48,735 per year Gardner – $27,460 per year Librarian – $56,880 per year Message therapist -$38,040 per year Yoga instructor – $36,160 per year [To comment:] [ canadian healthcare viagra […]

5 Secrets of Great Leadership — Here’s what it takes from Dale C.

[To comment:] Thanks again to the “Dale Carnegie Training Newsletter” Anita Zinsmeister, President — Dale Carnegie® Training of Central & Southern New Jersey  BY JOHN BRANDON   Contributing editor, Great leaders are not born into the role. They exhibit traits that have been learned, refined, honed, and improved over many years. There’s no single trait […]

The proper business handshake

[To comment:] This is Technique No. 108 from Litwin’s The ABCs of Strategic Communication and More ABCs of Strategic Communication (available on with free Priority mail shipping). There are five basic types of handshakes most of us have experienced– none is correct.Try this for success:PROPER HANDSHAKINGThe protocol for handshaking is simple to learn:Walk up to the person […]