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Record number of car buyers ‘upside down’ on trade-ins — ‘Under water’ with your car

[To comment:] (From USA Today and The Detroit Free Press on Sunday, Nov. 27. Greg Gardner, Detroit Free Press (Photo: STUART RAMSON, AP) DETROIT — The wave of easy credit and longer auto loans has left a record percentage of consumers trading in vehicles that are worth less than what they owe on their loans. In auto […]

Strategic Writing for Public Relations Practitioners

[To comment:]   Link to article below. It is well worth it. And, check out Litwin’s books on Free shipping on the Book Bundle. November 18, 2016 in BLOGGING/PUBLICATIONS     [To comment:] [ no prescription viagra | herbal viagra cartridge | viagra dosage | viagra canda | free viagra […]

In a word — Leadership

[To comment:] — If you like this, check out Litwin’s books on The entire Book Bundle of the three most current books with free shipping are $99.95.             Tools of Leadership — some of Larry’s thought All leaders are teachers…but not all teachers are leaders! Managers – Do […]

Are you a mature job seeker?

[To comment:] CareerBuilder’s Deanna Hartley offers these suggestions to help mature job seeker’s communicate their value. I add, younger job seekers should follow many of the same suggestions: Know the current lingo and latest trends. Provide examples of the value you would add to the team.  Prove that you can be a leader (see […]