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Stunt Food — The Unicorn Frappuccino is cool … for now

April 23, 2017
Strategic Communication

[To comment:] From USA Today comes this fascinating definition: (Check out the full story: By Zlati Meyer , USA …Read the Rest

Turn social situations into networking

April 16, 2017
PR Trends

[To comment:] From comes this advice thanks to Deanna Hartley (Courier-Post Feb. 12, 2017) Start with these tips to turn any …Read the Rest

Media jobs — They are shifting

April 9, 2017

[To comment:] From the Associated Press (AP) on April 3, 2017 comes this story: Washington: More than half of the …Read the Rest

AP Stylebook Updates: Singular ‘They’ Now Acceptable

April 2, 2017

[To comment:] This blog comes from one of my all-time favorites, Grammar Girl: Although the new print edition won’t be …Read the Rest