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Personal Finance — Some tips to help

[To comment:] (From USA Today on Sunday, June 25, 2017) From Robert Powell who suggests, “If you have to go it alone, use these tips to help you get started.” (See USA Today for full article.) Knowledge is power Build a budget Set goals Save as much as you can, as early as you can Maximize the benefits […]

6 Tips to help you get promoted

[To comment:] From: Dale Carnegie Training Newsletter By Anita Zinsmeister, PresidentDale Carnegie® Training of Central & Southern New Jersey  Word count for this issue: 589 Approximate time to read: 2.4 minutes @ 250 words per minute  16 Mistakes Employees Make When Trying To Get A Promotion.           Executive Summary:  Transitioning into a management position is never a simple process; however, the […]

Why it is crucial to use key words (keywords) in your resume

[To comment:] (From CareerBuilder’s Deanna Hartley in the May 12, 2017 Courier-Post.) Research and identify keywords to highlight Master the art of sprinkling keywords throughout your resume Remember that context is key [To comment:] [ derph generic tablet viagra | 50 mg viagra | us discount viagra overnight delivery | is viagra legal […]

Positive trend for small businesses

[To comment:] (From USA Today and 2017 American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor survey of 700 USA small-business owners. Credit Jae Yang and Paul Trap, USA Today.) Forty-five (45) percent of small -business owners are worried about their ability to save for retirement , down from 53 percent last year. [To comment:]   […]