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From a legend: these strategic communication principles

August 27, 2017
PR Trends

[To comment:] Larry Litwin’s The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook for (all) Strategic Communicators contains dozens of important tips that assure effective …Read the Rest

8 Red Flags employers see on your resume’

August 20, 2017

[To comment:] Thank you to Jessie Liu from THEJOBNETWORK.COM for this. Jessie is a career advice journalist who investigates and writes …Read the Rest

Take advantage of the power of a great story

August 13, 2017
PR Trends

[To comment:] From the National School Public Relations Association — of which I have been a long-time member — …Read the Rest

Landing your next promotion

August 6, 2017
Public Relations News

[To comment:] These suggestions come from and Deanna Hartley Start the conversation before even accepting a job Have …Read the Rest