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Happy NewS Year

[To comment:] Thank you, where … Home Ownership Matters Wishing you a bright and prosperous New Year! Top 10 New Year’s resolutions: Lose weight Getting organized Spend less, save more Enjoy life to the fullest Staying fit and healthy Learn something exciting Quit smoking Help others in their dreams Fall in love Spend […]

Henry Clay Eulogy

[To comment:] Read by Larry Litwin on behalf of the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association at Henry Clay’s funeral on July 7. First I’d like to acknowledge your late pastor Reverend Britt Stargell. I miss his advice, counsel and friendship. When I got the call last Saturday, the news of Henry’s passing hit me like […]

Firework safety tips

[To comment:] Do not allow children to light fireworks, even sparklers, without parental supervision. Do not allow young children to handle sparklers at all — certainly not those younger than 5, says Jefferson Hospital surgeon Randall W. Culp. Do not pick up firework debris. It might still go off. Avoid buying fireworks wrapped in […]

Personal Finance — Some tips to help

[To comment:] (From USA Today on Sunday, June 25, 2017) From Robert Powell who suggests, “If you have to go it alone, use these tips to help you get started.” (See USA Today for full article.) Knowledge is power Build a budget Set goals Save as much as you can, as early as you can Maximize the benefits […]

Positive trend for small businesses

[To comment:] (From USA Today and 2017 American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor survey of 700 USA small-business owners. Credit Jae Yang and Paul Trap, USA Today.) Forty-five (45) percent of small -business owners are worried about their ability to save for retirement , down from 53 percent last year. [To comment:]   […]

Remote workers’ fear — “love”

[To comment:] Psychologist Maxine Schnall once said, “Never love anything that can’t love you back.” Thus, one in six people have had a harder time “breaking up” with their car than ending their first relationship (CarMax survey of 3,044 drivers 18 and older) from USA Today – Michael B. Smith and Paul Trap. – […]

Finance by the numbers…

[To comment:] Reasons people age 50 and older give adult children money — according to Robert Powell, USA Today Don’t know. Just give money = 36% Rent/mortgage/home purchase = 20% Cellphone bill = 18% Purchase or lease a car = 17% Education expenses = 15% Health care expenses = 15% Pay down debt = 13% […]

Emergencies happen — here’s how to be prepared

[To comment:] As warmer weather approaches, more travelers will be hitting the road, rails and airways. Not long ago, The Philadelphia Inquirer carried some hints from Shary Nassimi, creator of the UrgentCall emergency service mobile app. She offers Seven Ways to Be Prepared for a Travel Emergency: Give your loved ones your emergency contact information. Carry your […]

CHECKLIST: Improve you credit score

[To comment:] Consumer Reports suggests the following to improve credit scores in the long run. Sign up for automatic bill payment. A late bill can make your credit score drop by as much as 100 points. Watch the timing of your spending, especially if you plan to apply for a loan. The lower the […]

’70 years of Philly radio’ – Part 1

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