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Bill Campbell — The voice may have been silenced, but it lives on thanks to technology

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] The Voice of Philadelphia Sports has been silenced. This is a sad day for the Litwins. I have lost an incredible mentor whom I met back in the early 50s when I visited the Robin Roberts Show at Channel 10. Mr. Campbell — as I called him — […]

Why we celebrate Memorial Day

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] (The following appeared in USA Today on May 24, 2014) Americans love Memorial Day and, according to various polls, celebrate it in o variety of ways: 55 percent have picnics or barbecues, 21 percent take a trip somewhere, 21 percent go to a parade.           However, many […]

Tips to Succeed:Take stock when traveling

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] This is Tip 176 from The ABCs of Strategic Communication. Check it out on www dot larry litwin dot com. Heed this advice: If you’re preparing to travel here are thoughts on how to avoid lost luggage stress. • Remember to keep valuables, such as prescriptions, electronics […]

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Common Myths

[To comment:] This arrived from my mortgage holder: When adding energy-efficient upgrades to your home, it’s important to ensure even the most fundamental of enhancements, such as lighting, offer the ease of use, reliability and value expected from the traditional, incandescent options. Advancements in bulb technology  Though they have had a presence in homes for […]

Larry Litwin inducted into Parsons College Wall of Honor

[To comment:] (See Nancy’s remarks on last week’s blog) (Hand Nancy her dink)      Hello, Sports Fans! That greeting started at KMCD radio almost 50 years ago…and I’ve been using it ever since. To all who made this day and weekend possible. To all previous honorees … and to my follow honorees… and […]

Nancy Litwin’s intro — Parsons College Wall of Honor

[To comment:] I remember it well – my first day of classes at Parsons College. It was on Monday, June 14th, 1965. I was 18 and freshly graduated from high school, although I had to miss the ceremony to get here for the summer trimester. My early gym class preceded Drama Appreciation with Sydney […]

NPR’s Race Card Project

[To comment:] Leading up to the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington, NPR’s Michele Norris established “The Race Card Project” Welcome to The Race Card Project! What you see here are candid submissions from people who have engaged in a little exercise. Here’s how it works. Think about the word Race. […]

Living in a college dorm

[To comment:} My former Rowan University colleague Prof. Debra Nussbaum wrote in the Sunday, Aug. 19, 2013 The Philadelphia Inquirer ” College campuses have the perfect recipe for a spike in bad manners: Start with young people leaving home for the first time. Move them in with total strangers. Add alcohol (it happens). Then sprinkle in today’s […]

Weaning yourself off plastic

[To comment:] This appeared some time ago in The Philadelphia Inquirer: Rodale’s editors blogged, and got many outside comments and tips, at Their muse was Beth Terry, a Californian who since 2007 has been lessening her plastic use. She blogs and offers numerous insights at (an excellent website). Emily’s main advice is to […]

July Fourth prep for dog lovers — Tips to avoid dogs’ firework frenzy

[To comment:] This advice comes from Associated Press writer Sue Manning. You can find the entore story in the Courier-Post: Here are the tips: Experts say you can prevent a personal doggie drama from becoming a tragedy by taking some simple steps: • Take a walk and wear your dog out before sundown. • Plan […]