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Tips for healthy travelling from Aetna [newsletter]

Tips for healthy travelling from Aetna [newsletter] [To comment:] You have your flight booked and passport in hand. Now here are some tips for healthy travel: Get your shots. Vaccines may be a good idea. But think ahead. Some should be given a month or so before you leave. Ask your doctor. And check your health […]

It’s a heatwave. Be careful out there.

[To comment:] Be strategic in following this advice compliments of Ray Daiutolo Sr., president of the camden County chapter of the New Jersey Baseball Umpires Association. The Mayo Clinic provides the following safety tips to help keep the body cool while in the summer sun.  I realize that working a game may prevent us from […]

Student gave back to others – Stories worth telling – Rowan’s Colette Bleistine

[To comment:] June 10, 2012 Written by CHRISTINA MITCHELL Courier-Post Staff Colette Bleistine Following is an excerpt from Christina Mitchell’s online feature, Lives Well Lived. After Colette Bleistine died May 21 — spent from a lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis — several people told me I simply had to write about her. In her […]

Seen a bear in your neck of the woods?

[To comment:] Bears have been spotted in Burlington (Medford) and Camden (Waterford) Counties in New Jersey. What’s a person to do. Here is a “green info box from the Courier-Post and the N.J Department of Environmental Protection. DEP BEAR RECOMMENDATIONS • If you encounter a bear, try to remain calm. Never run from it. Instead, try to […]

Eulogy for our Dear Colette Bleistine

Below is my eulogy for Rowan University public relations major Colette Bleistine. I am honored and humble that Nancee and George Bleistine asked that I speak at Colette’s funeral. [To comment:] Where do I start? Like all of you, I am heart broken and devastated – and have been for weeks. I am an optimist and […]

Social media sites and applying for jobs — Beware

To comment: CareerBuilder’s Debra Auerbach gets into social media in Sunday’s (May 6, 2012) Courier-Post. She says, “Social media have changed the way we connect, learn and interact with one another.” A new CareerBuilder study finds that 37 percent of companies surveyed use social networking sites to reserach job prospects. When asked which sites they […]

Litwin’s Hall of Fame Speech

To comment: I was inducted into the South Jersey Baseball Hall of Fame on Nov. 26, 2011. A number of readers have asked that I post my acceptance speech. While there were “on the fly” changes, here is the essence of my comments: Congratulations to all of the inductees, the All-South Jersey team, scholarship […]

Tips to protect home, yourselves during storm

From the National Flood Insurance Program come these important tips as we move into fall and eventually winter. Flooding has been at its all-time worst. To comment: Flooding safety tips: Safeguard your possessions. Create a personal flood file holding information about all your possessions and keep it in a secure place, such as a […]

9/11 Remembered

(Portions appear in “Courier-Post” – Sept. 11, 2011) [To comment:] While the timeline may be a bit off, the accounts of that Tuesday morning are as vivid as if it were yesterday: I was recently asked to recall where I was and what I was doing on Sept. 11, 2001. I did a brain […]

Heat can harm medications

Excessive Heat Can Harm Medications, Expert Says Don’t travel with meds in your car trunk or leave them in a parked car, she advises Much has been in the news during the past couple of weeks. This syndicated piece comes from HealthDay and Butler University. To comment: SATURDAY, Aug. 20 (HealthDay News) — Medications can […]