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7 Tips for Parent’s to Help Their Teen Create a Strong Sense of Self – From Dale C.

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] As I’ve done in the past, I am passing along this advice from Anita Zinsmeister at Dale Carnegie in New Jersey. Anita’s email: anita.zinsmeister at dalecarnegie dot com   As we progress through 2015, we also look at goals and new opportunities to explore in the coming year. A fresh start. As […]

Relevant Topic for This Time of Year — Snow Shoveling

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] This is from the National Safety Council and is targeted at all adults. While shoveling snow can be good exercise, it can also be dangerous for optimistic shovelers who take on more than they can handle. The National Safety Council offers the following tips to help you get a […]

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Common Myths

[To comment:] This arrived from my mortgage holder: When adding energy-efficient upgrades to your home, it’s important to ensure even the most fundamental of enhancements, such as lighting, offer the ease of use, reliability and value expected from the traditional, incandescent options. Advancements in bulb technology  Though they have had a presence in homes for […]

Flu — Take Precautions

[To comment:] Wilmington Universoty sent this to its students, staff and other supporters. Please take heed: In recent weeks, Delaware and much of the area has experienced an outbreak of influenza. Following the guidance of public health officials, we ask that everyone take the actions below in order to help prevent the spread of […]

Living in a college dorm

[To comment:} My former Rowan University colleague Prof. Debra Nussbaum wrote in the Sunday, Aug. 19, 2013 The Philadelphia Inquirer ” College campuses have the perfect recipe for a spike in bad manners: Start with young people leaving home for the first time. Move them in with total strangers. Add alcohol (it happens). Then sprinkle in today’s […]

Weaning yourself off plastic

[To comment:] This appeared some time ago in The Philadelphia Inquirer: Rodale’s editors blogged, and got many outside comments and tips, at Their muse was Beth Terry, a Californian who since 2007 has been lessening her plastic use. She blogs and offers numerous insights at (an excellent website). Emily’s main advice is to […]