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A potpourri – From ‘USA Today’

[To comment:] Some “USA Snapshots” from USA Today. It gets full credit. 41 percent of Americans cannot tell the difference between secure and unsecured Wi-Fi, but still take questionable actions (Norton by Symantec survey of 1,002 consumer One in 14 computer users fall for phishing — being tricked into following a link or opening an […]

Recovering from a bad interview

[To comment:]’s Sarah Sipek writes in detail about interview follow-ups.  Look for the entire article online or visit the Courier-Post Sunday, July 9 edition, page 16 C. In addition, contains many “handouts” on resumes and interview techniques. Here are Sipek’s key points: Send a thank-you note Ask for a second chance Don’t grovel Reflect Conduct mock […]

6 Tips to help you get promoted

[To comment:] From: Dale Carnegie Training Newsletter By Anita Zinsmeister, PresidentDale Carnegie® Training of Central & Southern New Jersey  Word count for this issue: 589 Approximate time to read: 2.4 minutes @ 250 words per minute  16 Mistakes Employees Make When Trying To Get A Promotion.           Executive Summary:  Transitioning into a management position is never a simple process; however, the […]

‘Soft Skills’ can set YOU apart

[To comment:] As Sarah Sipek of “CareerBuilder” writes in the Courier-Post, technical or hard skills are essential qualifications for a job, but “soft skills” focus on how you interact with others. For details visit Here are the headings: Communication Ability to handle criticism Attention to detail Positive attitude Time management [To comment:]   […]

Turn social situations into networking

[To comment:] From comes this advice thanks to Deanna Hartley (Courier-Post Feb. 12, 2017) Start with these tips to turn any social situation into a networking opportinuty: Proactively seek out opportunities Look for opportunities while traveling Mingle at conferences Find ways to add value to others When you meet a stranger, strive to engage in authentic […]

AP Stylebook Updates: Singular ‘They’ Now Acceptable

[To comment:] This blog comes from one of my all-time favorites, Grammar Girl: Although the new print edition won’t be out until May 31, 2017, the Associated Press sent out an email update announcing that these changes are effective immediately. By  Mignon Fogarty,  Grammar Girl March 24, 2017 Every year, editors announce big stylebook changes […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Public Relations Professional?

[To comment:]   A couple of years back, one of my Wilmington University students interviewed me for her Mass Communication course. Krista Fowler has launched her personal website to showcase her portfolio as she perpares to enter the “real world.” Here is the link to her inaugural blog: or: (you […]

Amazon Marketing — and Litwin is included.

[To comment:] Amazon has stepped up its marketing and has invited me to participate. Check out all of M. Larry Litwin’s books. The reviews are terrific. Thank you everyone. Visit: [To comment:] [ zocor alternative viagra | united healthcare viagra | viagra en gel | cialis levitra sales viagra | sildenafil citrate omnigen […]

A guide to weird words your teen uses

[To comment:] This from USA Today. Well worth a read. “The times they are a changin” and society had better catch up — at least those of us who teach teens and millennials. [To comment:]     [ generic viagra pay pal | canada viagra pharmacies scam | viagra free trial | herbal […]

Cover Letters — are they less important?

[To comment:] According to USA Today, only 26 percent of recruiters consider cover letters important. I respectfully disagree. Continue using pithy and effectivecover letters or cover emails. To help you please visit my website under Student Resources… (copy and paste) [To comment:]   [ viagra doses | viagra without a prescription | mexican […]