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Impress employers with creative questions

[To comment:] (From Mary Lorenz — CareerBuilder) Here are what leading career coaches identify as their favorite interview questions from interviewees: What is it YOU enjoy best about working here? Do YOU have any concerns about my qualifications that would prevent you from selecting me for this position? Why did the previous person leave […]

That all-important Cover Letter — Make it stand out

[To comment:] (Reprinted from the Courier-Post – April 3, 2016) BY MATT TARPEY CAREERBUILDER Writing a résumé can be tricky, but it seems like a walk in the park compared with writing a cover letter. What’s the secret? Here are five tricks to writing a standout cover letter — and getting it noticed by hiring managers. […]

Uncommon, but well-paying jobs

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] Matt Tarpey of’s column appeared in the Courier-Post on March 6, 2015. Here is a summary of “eight less-than common occupations that offer competitive salaries”: 1. Astronomers – 2015 Jobs = 1,945/Average hourly earnings=$52.48 2. Forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists – 2015 jobs =2,105/Average hourly earning […]

What, No job offer after the interview?

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] (This summary comes from “CareerBuilder’s” Susan Ricker. Full story in Courier-Post on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015.)      Getting called in for an interview is a positive sign — it usually means that your resume’, cover letter and reputation made a good impression on the hiring manager and […]

Be prepared for 3 toughest interview questions

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] (From Susan Ricker at “CareerBuilder. Read her entire article in the Courier-Post — Aug. 30, 2015) 1. Why are you leaving your current job, or why are you currently unemployed? 2. What is your greatest weakness? 3. Where do you see yourself in five years? (Be careful with this one, […]

Are you ready for your interview?

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] (Portions taken from John Rossheim’s Philadelphia Inquirer “Monster” article. 1. Explore prospective employer’s websites 2. Use search engines to read the latest news about the organization. 3. Visit trade journals. 4. Use networking sources to contact current employees to help determine if prospective employer would be a good fit. 5. […]

8 words and phrases you should eliminate from your resume

[To comment: Larry at larrylitwin dot com] According to Monster contributing editor Catherine Conlan, “they’ll make your resume stand out – but not in a good way.” Eliminate these words and phrases: Results-oriented High technical aptitude Ninja, rockstar and other quirky titles Assisted Strong work ethic Disruptive, cutting-edge and other trendy objectives Self-starter Detail-oriented [To comment: Larry at larrylitwin dot com] [ cialis price […]

Tips for trimming your resume’

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] From CareerBuilders’ Debra Auerbach come these tips: Remove outdated professional experience Condense the professional experience that’s left Summarize or remove details under Education or Activities sections Debra Auerbach is a writer for the Advice & Resources section of She researches and writes about job search strategy, career […]

Soft skills companies want in their job prospects

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] Thanks to CareerBuilder’s Susan Rickler for this. According to a CareerBuilder survey, companies say the 10 most popular soft skills they look for when hiring are: (Think about using these keys in your cover letter and/or resume.) Strong work ethic (73 percent) Dependability (73 percent) Positive attitude (72 percent) […]

Post interview Thank-You Note

[To comment: larry at larrylitwin dot com] Matt Tarpey of “CareerBuilder” stresses the importance of the follow-up Thank-You Note. “Following up a job interview with a personalized thank-you note may seem old fashioned, but it could mean the difference between landing the job and continuing your search.”   Also to help you stand out from […]